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YES Geothermal provides full installation services for new and retrofits older properties.

Heating and cooling accounts for the biggest portion of monthly energy bills. Geothermal systems is the most energy efficient equipment for your HVAC needs. With the constant increase in the cost of energy, Canadians have been exploring alternate means of saving on their energy bills. YES is pleased to offer a natural sustainable solution. Our products and services use the latest technology to deliver maximum energy efficiency in heating and cooling a single family dwelling, multi-family dwelling, or commercial building at the lowest cost. With these products and services, property owners will be able to enjoy energy efficient heating and cooling of their homes or offices for the fraction of the current cost. Imagine never receiving a gas bill again, while enjoying heating and cooling your home/commercial building at efficiencies greater than 300%.

YES provides an energy efficient and cost effective solutions for building HVAC systems.

Energy Cost Comparison

A geothermal system for an average new home installation will cost between 40% and 70% higher than a high efficiency gas furnace depending on the size of your home and type of installation. That initial premium is a good return on your investment with payback on the system normally within four to seven years, shorter if gas prices continue to rise. After that you only pay for the electricity to run the system - that's still less than a traditional furnace and central air system!

Today, geothermal systems are being installed in older homes and new subdivisions. Do your part to reduce our environmental footprint by saying YES to geothermal and the byproduct of that decision is a lower heating and cooling cost.

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Y.E.S. makes a system upgrades easy with full installation services.